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ill just paste some chat here:

<Memphis> very coo. uur good at websites so i should ask u
<niN> very nice imo
<Memphis> how hard would it be if i tried making a site that replaced
<Memphis> the statscompare site
<Quantz> ultrahard
<Pawq> ooh, very good question
<Pawq> really quantz?
<niN> well, if you can get the code that reads tate.dat from vk or some
<Quantz> i have no idea
<niN> state
<niN> note hard
<niN> /e
<Pawq> hmm
<Memphis> ya maybe ill try
<Pawq> who was managing that site?
<Memphis> brb fellas
<Quantz> note hard with the tate.dat
<niN> the hard thing is to read the state.dat of it\s info
<Pawq> could get a code from them mayb o,o
<niN> :D
<jonharkulsykkel> i cane read state
<jonharkulsykkel> .dat
<niN> memphis
<niN> jon can help you
<Pawq> really jon?!
<jonharkulsykkel> ofc :D)
<Pawq> wow sik! :O
<Pawq> then ez make site! :OOOOO
<Pawq> holy shit
<jonharkulsykkel> ez
<niN> jon make new internal site
<Pawq> would be sooo <3 to have stats compare again :)
<jonharkulsykkel> okik, but how:p;p:p;P:
<jonharkulsykkel> shoud site be i mean
<niN> internal :P good one
<Kiiwi> i've been missing stats compare too
<Quantz> fucking stats compare, how does it work?
<Pawq> ye
<jonharkulsykkel> havent seen that last site so duno :D
<Pawq> can up state dat so server reads all times
<jonharkulsykkel> but sure i can mak
<Pawq> and saves
<Pawq> them
<niN> jon talk to memphis about it
<jonharkulsykkel> alright
<Pawq> and make stats of best totals and best times in every int
<Pawq> and also cane compare users
<Pawq> showing differences, which better etc
<Pawq> )
<jonharkulsykkel> ok )
<jonharkulsykkel> i see
<niN> jon memphis will be back soon
<niN> ask him then
<jonharkulsykkel> ok will
<niN> because he wanted to help :_
<niN> :)
<jonharkulsykkel> ah:D
<niN> gtg now, bye!
<jonharkulsykkel> bye
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